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August 4, 2015

    The next few days this week we're back shooting in the midwest (WI-MN-IA-IL region). (We finished shooting metro Chicago yesterday with helicopter) We're processing the orders on recent projects shot in MI-OH-IL which will begin shipping tomorrow. Then after weather moves through the east we'll return to finish PA-NY and New England states. This is our busiest time of year and spotty weather has delayed us in all regions. We appreciate your patience.

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Now Scheduling VA-NC August 2015

Now Scheduling OK-AR-TN-SC August 2015

Final Scheduling MD-NJ-DE-MA-CT-RI July - August 2015 prepped to shoot

Scheduling complete MI-WI-MN July 2015 lower MI photographed and shipping now, we'll move into WI-MN in the coming days

Scheduling complete OH-PA-NY June 2015  OH finished and shipping now, waiting out weather in PA-NY 

Scheduling complete IL-KY-IA  May - June 2015  IL-KY mostly shot and shipped, we'll get into IA in coming days

Please note we handle all of our inquiries personally, we do not use autoresponders. We actually map your locations for lon/lat, check airspace issues, and look at your requirements carefully. Nothing can be done sloppy and this takes a small amount of time for each request. When we are shooting on location we answer our inquiries when we have connectivity for the laptops, in some areas wireless broadband connectivity is spotty so please be patient --- we will get back to you. Never heard of us, unsure if aerial photography is what you need? Check out a few recent clients who've hired us. If you just need pricing info for our standard airplane service please check here. Some sites will require helicopter service, and that is priced by individual bid. Submit a service request here. Thanks!

click on small images below to see where we've been the past few months.

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97209679.jpg cavucopters.jpg
10springtx.jpg img3537small.jpg


Finished Phoenix area mid December 2007 done
Texas finished January 20, 2008 done
specific zip codes in Florida - Georgia - South Carolina finished February 28, 2008 done
post Katrina southern coastal areas done
early April 2008 --- specific zip codes in Louisiana-NC-VA done
middle-late April 2008 --- specific zip codes in GA,TN,SC,NC,MS,AL done
March 2009 TX-AL-GA-NC done

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