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 NOTE: We do not do "drone" photography.  Nothing wrong with drones, but...

... our emphasis in on image quality, pure and simple.

We fly a Cessna airplane or chartered helicopter to give you the ultimate in image quality.

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We use big sensor full frame cameras + professional lenses with gyro stablizers for our work. Our equipment is too heavy for anything but Hollywood big budget drone rigs costing thousands of dollars. When we schedule your county we're shooting a bunch of projects in a short time span. This gives us an economy of scale and lowers our production costs. So we can use the very best equipment and get the work done fast and shipped to you at the lowest possible cost. Your local drone guy won't put $10,000 worth of camera, lens, and stablization gear on a light weight drone that could drop into the woods. We are different. We are big volume shooters. We don't nickel and dime you if you want to use your images in specific ways. You get every image we capture on DVDs, with reproduction rights into perpetuity. Now after we're gone your grandchildren will be inspired because of the mark you made in this world. Our packages are a tremendous value because you get your original files. And now you can make breathtaking prints of any size up to 40x60 inches. This kind of image quality would cost you thousands of dollars if it was done by a drone capable of lifting the heavy camera equipment we use. We get you shots you just can't get with a drone. Yes, if you want to sell your house hire a drone guy. The house gets a new owner and everyone forgets about the photography.

If you want world class images that people will look at for a lifetime hire us. Our big files printed with the latest generation Canon or Epson large format printers are exquisite.

With archival inksets that won't fade for over 100 years. Bright, beautiful, gorgeous color to last a lifetime. Capture your moment in time.


The terrific new Canon 5DS 50.6 megapixel cameras have enough resolution to produce really spectacular wall displays. We're excited to provide this level of image quality to our clients. Now any business or organization can get really big, dramatic enlargements to hang in their public areas. These big images are a great business investment and we are one of a very small number of custom aerial shooters who offer this high end service. Choose any of our promo photo packages designated with the SUPERSIZE to be able to make 40x60 prints. Since you receive all of your original files now you can make huge enlargements from any professional photo finisher which really adds value to your investment.

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