Artist in the Sky LLC is proud to use Canon EOS-5D Mark III camera bodies and Canon L professional series lenses.



Currently we use the Canon EOS-5D Mark III  camera bodies with image stabilized lenses and Kenlab gyro stabilizer. These are great high resolution digital cameras.  
But there's more to it than just the camera. Special high quality lenses and gyro stabilization play a big part in giving your photographs unusual clarity and detail. And there's some other secrets that are hard to explain, little techniques like flying into the prevailing wind to lower ground movement, panning the target to lower ground movement, shooting either "forward" or "back" to minimize ground movement, polarizing and haze filters, slipping the aircraft...tricky stuff that's part science, and lots of art.
The goal is to give you sharp, highly detailed photographs that can be made into very big prints and still retain clarity and sharpness. Getting this type of photograph from an aircraft with an open window that is being tossed around by some turbulence is very challenging work. Not so easy. Wait until you see your photographs enlarged. You've never seen an aerial photograph of your location at this quality level until now.
Enlarge it to 40 x 60 and hang it in your business will stop people in their tracks...a very impressive presentation that will be an asset to your business. A big photograph on your wall is not just beautiful.
When the trucker walks in and wants to know which dock he's supposed to unload at you point it out on the picture. Time saved, money made.
You will use the big photo every single day. When the customer walks into the junkyard office and wants to know if you have a front fender for a '96 Caprice you point to the big photo on the wall and tell him to walk out and dismantle it.
Unlike lesser aerials, our photos are sharp enough, with enough detail that you can do that.
Time saved, money made.
Not just pretty, this is one of the few photographs that you need to help your business make money.
See it, and believe it!